The Fjords and Kárahnjúkar Hydro-Power

 We will start our tour by flying over Lónsöræfi which is a wilderness area and is charaterised by its various geologial formations. The glacier tongues of the eastern extreme of Vatnajökull also impose themselves on the area. Then our tour will take us along the steep hills of Hvalnesskriður where the road lies which separetes the two small fjords Lónsfjörður and Álfafjörður. There we will see the Hvalnes lighthouse which is an old lighthouse on a raised hill overlooking the ocean and black beaches with stunning mountains in the back. Our flight will then take us over the small town of Djúpivogur and in over Berufjörður where we can a an salmon sea cage farm. We will then fly up over Kárahnjúkavirkun, icelands biggest hydroelectric powerplant designed to produce 4.600 gigawatt- hours annually. The project is named after the nearby Kárahnjúkar mountains. On the way back you will see Snæfell (1833m), the highest peak in Iceland that isn’t part of a glacier and also the Glacier Vatnajökull. 


Duration approximately 1:05

ISK 157.680.- per tour *includes 3 passengers*
ISK 52.560.- per passenger

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